Towards the end of the 1950s, Juan Lorenzo Mendoza Quintero and Carlos Roubicek, along with their colleagues came to realize that Venezuelans needed an alternative that would give them a simple and practical manner to produce corn dough, so essential for the daily preparation of arepas.

In utilizing their corn processing facility, they conceived of a product that would simplify and shorten the housewife´s daily manual chore (of cleaning, grinding, cooking and milling of corn), and hence ensure that the arepas, and many others corn-based dishes, would continue to maintain their traditional flavours.

The product was intended to bear a name that represented all that an arepa meant, which is that it was to be the "Venezuelan bread" or "pan" in Spanish. It was thus that it came be called P.A.N., initials that signified Productos Alimenticios Nacionales, and was registered as such as a brand.

On December 10, 1960 P.A.N. was launched and achieved great success, from a complete satisfaction of the Venezuelan consumer.

Today, P.A.N. is found in more than 25 countries, bringing the delicious flavor of corn to consumers in an easy and practical way to prepare your favorite corn based recipes.

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