Amazon Pepper


  Utilizing its years of experience and knowledge of the unique qualities of capsicum, Amazon Pepper brand was born in early 1994. The product made their successful debut at the Fiery Food Show in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Since then, it has won many Awards.

  What makes Amazon Pepper unique is the fact that we grow peppers year-round due to our perfect agricultural accommodations! This allows us to supply and produce the freshest and best peppers internationally throughout the entire year. Our operation is non-stop.

  We proudly present our line of 100% natural hot sauces made only from the Amazon Pepper, vinegar and salt. Our products are the result of our effort to grow and process the best quality peppers for the world market since 1992. Due to a unique manufacturing process, the products do not need preservatives. The natural aroma, freshness and color give the sensation of just harvested peppers. These are traditional South American sauces.


“Best Pepper sauce I have ever tried”

Randy Wayne White, Readers Digest.
November 1997 USA
January 1998 World

Reader's Digest Article

The world is my garden in the search for the perfect chili pepper.

I Like Them Hot, Hot, Hot


  At a great little marina on the island of Manga, just off Cartagena, Colombia, I discovered a pungent green chili sauce, hot but not too hot. It had the fragrance of rich vinegar and crushed pepper blooms. It was the best hot sauce I’d ever tried. Its name was Ají Amazona. When I remarked upon the sauce, the marina’s owner, an expatriate Aussie, replied, "Pretty good stuff, isn’t it? I know the guy who makes it". The factory was a short taxi ride away, so I went to buy a case. The proprietor, Giorgio Araujo, had been in the wholesale pepper business, supplying produce to larger companies, when a "miracle" happened: an accidental cross-pollination between cayenne peppers and a local variety called pipón, which no one really wanted. The pepper that resulted was a rare specimen indeed. "It had a wonderful color like no other I’d ever seen," said Araujo. Eventually he christened this accidental hybrid The Amazona, for the region where he believes all chilies originated.


Types of Peppers

There are many different types of peppers, but at Amazon Pepper we solely use chili peppers. The following are the kinds of peppers we work with: 

Habanero PepperHabanero Pepper: Even a tiny taste of this pepper will have your taste buds going wild and maybe in a little pain. However, underneath is a soft plum-tomato, apple-like flavor.

Family of: Scotch Bonnet and Rocoto.

Jalapeno Pepper


Jalapeno Pepper:  With plenty of heat and flavor, these popular chilies come in red and green. Green jalapenos are best in the late summer, whereas red jalapenos are best in the fall. While still bearing heat, canned jalapenos aren't as hot as fresh.

Family of: cuaresmeno (very similar) OR Fresno chile OR guero chile OR malagueta (hotter) OR serrano pepper OR yellow wax chile pepper OR fresh cayenne pepper.

Cayenne Pepper Cayenne Pepper:  Though it may look small, weak, and wrinkled, this chili has a very strong scent and taste.  It has thick   flesh and is normally about 6 inches long and 1 ¼ inches in diameter. They are often used in Cajun recipes or in sauces, dried, or pickled. Green cayennes appear in the summer, while hotter red cayennes appear in the fall.

Family of: chile de arbol OR Thai pepper OR habanero OR jalapeno OR serrano.

  Tabasco Pepper

Tabasco Pepper:  This chili pepper may look small, but it has quite the flavor that may blow you away.  It grows on bushes ranging from 1-4 feet high where in a single crop, about 100 1 ½ inch peppers can be picked.  Instead of growing toward the ground, these chilies are unique and grow toward the sky. (aka: Capsicum frutescens)



Health Benefits

Not only can chilies make your food taste better, but they improve your health and serve as other medicinal purposes such as:

  • Fighting Migraine Headaches and Sinus Headaches
  • Preventing Sinusitis and Relieve Congestion
  • Fighting Cancer
  • Helping to Lower High Blood Pressure
  • Fighting Inflammation
  • Helping to Soothe Intestinal Diseases
  • Helping You to Burn Fat and Lose Weight
  • Helping to Protect Your Heart
  • Having Loads of Vitamin C
  • Warming Your Feet!

“Who'd have thought chili peppers could be so darned useful outside of simply eating them.”

The Amazon Scoville Chart

The Amazon Pepper Story

  Peppers add that essential spark to all food. Traditionally known as a seasoning, peppers are also famously known as an aphrodisiac and a medicinal and digestive food. The bright and intense colors of the wild macaws are one of the few characteristics that remind us of the virgin forests of the South American Indians. Another characteristic is the fiery and untamed taste that differentiates peppers from all other known condiments. This fantastic spice, named "ACHU" by the Incas and "CHILLI" by the Aztecs, has traditionally been "the fruit of passion and eroticism" associated with the "Don Juan" and the "Macho man".It wasn't only its aphrodisiac properties, but also the healing ones, that caused this plant to make a magnificent impression on the 15th century Spanish and British "conquistadores". It was discovered that peppers were not only rich in flavor, but also rich in Vitamin C, even more so than any citric fruit, and in Vitamins A & B which helps prevent stomach cancer and digestive problems.According to botanical studies, the genera Capsicum to which all peppers belong, originated in an extensive area including the Amazon River Basin. Not only will you find the greatest concentration of wild pepper species in this zone, but it is only here where representatives of all domestic species grow. This includes our "sauces’" raw material: the Amazon Pepper.