SOBHA Meat Curry Powder

SOBHA Meat Curry Powder

Curry Powders are spice blends unique to the South Asian Cuisine.
SOBHA Curry Powder is the original curry recipe of "Mak Wan" a.k.a. "Wan Bulat" since 1973.


How to prepare SOBHA Beef/Lamb/Mutton/Chicken Curry

1) Fry/Saute some cloves and cardamon in a bit of cooking oil (olive oil recommended)
2) Add chopped onion, garlic and ginger to taste. Continue to fry.
3) Add some cinnamon and/or star anise for a more pungent taste. (optional)
4) Add 4 teaspoons of SOBHA meat curry powder.
5) Add your meat (chicken/beef/mutton/lamb). Continue to fry until almost dry.
6) Add about 1 liter of water and continue to boil until meat is cooked.
7) Add salt to taste.

Curry may be served with toasted bread, prata or rice.

If prefer to be more spicy, add chilli or cayenne pepper or increase amount of curry powder used. For thicker curry, reduce amount of water added.

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