Sultan Power Drink 24x250ml CTN

Not Energy but Power. Sultan Power Drink is distinguished by the unique composition of its numerously applied ingredients in the great world cultures since thousands of years. Black Seed (Nigella Sativa), ginger, honey, royal jelly, mint, lemon, stevia and naturally extracted caffeine combine and complete each other into a totally new, refreshing and vitalizing drink on the European market – the POWER DRINK. The formula of the POWER DRINK is based on such knowledge of specifically useful and universal gifts of nature that has been used for over thousands of years by different peoples, cultures and religions. A long tradition of use for black seed is by no means a coincidence. The pleasant sweetness of the POWER DRINK is a synergy of the tastes of stevia, honey and sugar. Drink composition is adapted for the halal, kosher and vegetarian consumers. The mineral water used for bottling of Sultan Cola is one of the best mineral waters of Austria.



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