Juanambu Colombian Excelso Coffee

Juanambú Excelso Coffee

Juanambú Excelso Coffee is a classic blend of Colombian coffee beans, characterized by its medium acidity, fragrance as well as intense aroma. Additionally it has a medium body and acidity and with caramel notes. Roast is medium-dark. Juanambú excelso specialty coffees are authentic 100% Colombian products endorsed by the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia. Coffees are wet milled and sun dried for an exquisite taste profile. Juanambú Excelso comes in UGQ category retained by screen net No 14.

  • Coffee is roasted Medium-Dark (Type 4)
  • Grounded Coffee Available

Geographical Information

  • Height : 1400 - 1750 Meters above sea level
  • Average Temperature : 14 - 25 ° Degrees celsius

Coffee Profile

  • Aroma : Intense
  • Residual flavour : Caramel
  • Acidity : Medium
  • Body : Medium

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Category: B - Juanambú, Coffee

Type: Coffee

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