Amazon Chipotle Sauce

Chipotle Sauce


Superb Smoked Sauce!
Ideal for grilling or marinating meats, a fantastic condiment for soups, chili, rice, seafood, BBQ, chips, salad dressings, tacos, grilled vegetables.

The Amazon Pepper Chipotle Sauce is made with the best quality chillies grown year-round at the rich soil and perfect climate of the Colombian Cauca Valley (South America) in the middle of the Andes Mountains. Use this delicious sauce on eggs, stir fry vegetables and shrimp, and to BBQ, broil or grill your favorite meats. Chipotle means smoked peppers in the Aztec language. Mix it with cream cheese or mayonnaise for a great dip for chips or vegetables.

Heat Level : Mild / Sauve


  • Cane Vinegar, Chipotle Peppers, Sugar, Salt, Spices and Xanthan Gum.
    [Refrigerate after opening]

Preparation Ideas

  • Add to taste Amazon Pepper Chipotle Sauce on BBQ, Eggs, Seafood, Shawarma, Beef, Chicken, Rice, Vegetarian Dishes and all types of food. Use Amazon Pepper Chipotle Sauce to taste for cooking, seasoning or marinating Meats, Poultry and Seafood.

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