Amazon Four Sauce Gift Box

Gift Box Winner Pack

Nice presentation with a variety of our most popular sauces.

Four Great Flavors All Together.
Makes a Fantastic Gift!

  • Habanero Sauce 90ml
  • Chipotle Sauce 90ml
  • Green Amazon Sauce 90ml
  • Red Amazon Sauce 90ml

Green Amazon Sauce [Hot]

In Cartagena, Colombia, I discovered a pungent green chilli sauce, hot but not too hot. It had the fragrance of rich vinegar and crushed pepper blooms. It was the best hot sauce I'd ever tried. Randy Wayne White - Reader's Digest.

Red Amazon Sauce [Hot]

Habanero Sauce [Very Hot]

When not only the perfect hot sauce flavor and aroma from the Amazon Peppers is needed, but also an extra touch of heat from habanero peppers, this sauce is the best answer to your needs. Grown and harvested year-round in the Colombian Cauca Valley mountains near the Equator, these peppers find the perfect combination of crystal clear water, fertile soil and cool weather at the 1200 meters above sea level.

Chipotle Sauce [Mild]

The Amazon Pepper Chipotle Sauce is made with the best quality chillies grown year-round at the rich soil and perfect climate of the Colombian Cauca Valley (South America) in the Middle of the Andes Mountains. Use this delicious sauce on eggs, stir-fry vegetables and shrimp, and to BBQ, broil or grill your favorite meats. Chipotle means smoked peppers in the Aztec language. Mix it with cream cheese or mayonnaise for a great dip for chips or vegetables.

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