Amazon Four Sauce Gift Box

Gift Box Winner Pack

Nice presentation with a variety of our most popular sauces.

Four Great Flavors All Together.
Makes a Fantastic Gift!

  • Habanero Sauce 90ml
  • Chipotle Sauce 90ml
  • Green Amazon Sauce 90ml
  • Red Amazon Sauce 90ml


Habanero Sauce [Very Hot]

Deep in the wild Amazon jungle the habanero lords risked their lives looking for one of the spiciest peppers of all time. They searched over 4,000 feet of land and swam across oceans of crystal clear water to find this perfect fruit. The result was a sauce so irresistible, they would use for all eternity to intensify their taste buds. You are now the owner of their greatest adventure up to date. Make them proud.

Add this Habanero Pepper Sauce to everything that needs a fiery kick.

Chipotle Sauce [Mild]

In the slopes of the Amazon jungle there is an old smokehouse filled to the brim with peppers and fruits. Only one day out of the whole year, it’s lit to create our Chipotle Pepper Sauce. The aroma is so mouth-watering and invigorating, the townspeople have described it as pure magic. This awaited day is now celebrated more than any national holiday.

Add this magical sauce to anything that needs a little flavor.

Green Amazon Sauce [Hot]

There was once a man who told a tale of a sauce so irresistible and so unique in flavor it was hard to believe. “In Cartagena, Colombia I discovered a green chilli sauce. With its delicious vinegar fragrance and an aroma of fresh ground pepper, it is the best hot sauce i have ever tried.” Little did we know he was talking about our Green Amazon Pepper Sauce. Go on, try to prove Randy Wayne White wrong.

Add this fragrant sauce to anything deeming to be irresistible.


Red Amazon Sauce [Hot]

Traditions are an important part of life, but in the Amazon jungle they are crucial. From an early age, our resourceful Amazonians are taught that the best flavors come from fruits that are left to ripe to perfection. Our Red Pepper Sauce is their best-kept secret, now it can be yours too.

Add this secretive sauce to any food asking for that flavorful spark.


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