Aledya Calamansi With Plum Juice (Jus Asam Limau Kasturi)

Not many things are more refreshing than our ice-cold Calamansi with Plum Juice. With an added kick of sour plum and calamansi in every capsule, all you need is crushed ice and water to quench your thirst with this delectable drink. Calamansi is also known for its soothing properties when served hot. With no preservatives added, no artificial colouring and no artificial flavours, our Calamansi Juice with Plum is definitely a must need at home for the month of Ramadan!

Our juices are pre-packed into single serving capsules. Never worry again about your drink being too sweet or too tasteless. Convenient to store, easy to use and packed with health benefits, grab yours now!

Category: B - Aledya, Juices

Type: Juice